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Installation and Service Terms

We do not offer free installation over the phone.

An authorised person (at least 18 years of age) must be present at all times on the day of the installation to approve all work completed.

If there are any changes, a new price estimate will be given and must be agreed to by you in writing or email and any payment requirements met before any such changes will be acted on.

Additional fees and charges may apply if your location is outside our installation coverage area.

We may require progress payments and hardware prepayment on large jobs.

We have an experienced & technically qualified installation team.

Our installers carry public liability insurance for your peace of mind & rare unfortunate accidents.

Installations and/or Services cannot be provided if dangerous, hazardous, security risks or other unhealthy conditions are present, especially water ingress & mains electric wiring faults.

Some installations may require other trades people such as painters, plasterers, builders or even your architect to assist, for example with painting and filling of holes, or other structural or decorating make-good, etc, required for or by cable or equipment installation.

Should de-installation services be provided, Nicks Media Systems are not responsible for repairing any damage or changes made to your residence such as painting and filling of holes, or other structural or decorating make-good, etc.

Title to Goods & Equipment

Title and ownership of all materials, goods & equipment supplied by NMS remains with NMS until paid in full.

Should payment remain outstanding for 14 days, NMS or its agents may enter property at the customers cost & risk to reasonably recover unpaid materials, goods & equipment.

The customer assumes risk for and is responsible for care of the goods and equipment upon delivery.

Warranty Terms

With the exceptions & conditions listed under Warranty Disclaimer:

Our installation services come with a 24 month warranty.

Our cables come with a 12 month replacement warranty.

Warranty for all electronic equipment purchased is covered by the manufacturers warranty conditions not by Nicks Media Systems.

Warranty Disclaimer

Nicks Media Systems reserves the right to terminate your warranty if you change, alter, abuse or modify any systems, equipment or materials we supplied and or installed or its settings or configurations.

Warranty is void if any product fails, is damaged or has problems as a result of improper storage, misuse, tampering, neglect, accident, use contrary to the manufacturers specifications, short circuiting, battery leakage, insects, plants or animals, water, moisture or dampness, cleaning products, solvents, chemicals, salt, dust, or other contaminants, covering or enclosing or insufficient airflow causing overheating, or adjustment of controls, settings or software.

Warranty does not cover acts of god or other occurrences beyond the control of NMS including at least: fire, theft, vandalism, flood, storm damage, lightning, power surges, building structural problems, mains wiring faults and/or other similar events.

NMS cannot be held responsible for functionality difficulties, programming limitations, incompatibility or other restrictions of products provided by customer.

Warranty claims resulting from software or firmware related problems or 'bugs' may possibly be resolved by an update from the manufacturer but, due to manufacturer dependence and other factors, resolving such claims may be difficult and may be rejected by NMS as a cause for product return, refund or other claim especially when the customer has been advised of the likelihood of such issues. The customer accepts and agrees that while reasonable efforts may be made to resolve such bugs, these are agreed to be considered as normal operation and the customer accepts that bugs & faults exist and may not be resolved.

New releases of software or firmware will not be applied under warranty unless, at NMS discretion, it is likely to resolve or improve a customer's genuine issue.

Warranty does not apply for problems caused by reasonable wear & tear or items considered consumable such as printer ink, batteries, tapes, labels, subscriptions or trial periods, etc.

Warranty is void if any person, other than employee of NMS tampers with or attempts to repair or correct any alleged problem.

NMS cannot warrant building structural or decoration issues from installations involving ceilings, floors or walls such as cracks on a wall.

Nicks Media Systems reserves the right to assess any warranty claim and decide at its absolute discretion if warranty will be covered fully, partially or is void. At NMS discretion possible warranty resolutions may include a similar replacement be provided, corrective action taken or other solution applied.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy.

We need to collect some information about you so we can provide you services.

We will not pass information about you to other parties, traders or companies unless this is required by the work we are doing for you or we are required to by law.

Any personal information will be held in accordance with our internal security policy and used in accordance with the relevant laws.

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