An 80 inch TV and Martin Logan speakers

An awesome home theatre room with a huge 80 inch TV

A full set of Martin Logan electrostatic speakers really bring out crisp clear detail.

We installed the system & carefully calibrated it to the room with the owner.

Music & movies look & sound incredible on this system!

A Smart TV above a fireplace

A Smart TV elegantly mounted above a fireplace

We supplied & installed multiple TVs connected to Foxtel & Bluray players in this elegant home.

There's Sonos all through the rooms and out onto the pool deck - music at their finger tips.

We also installed strong WiFi & networking throughout the home.

Very happy owners here!

A TV & Sonos Playbar

A TV with a Sonos Playar giving great pictures & sound

We installed several TVs, networking and Sonos throughout this modern home too. There's a Bluray player & other gear tucked in the cupboards underneath.

The owners can play music on the patio, kitchen, & even in shower with Sonos.

Another happy couple.

A 'Smart' TV in cabinetry

A 'Smart' TV neatly mounted in cabinetry

We supplied & installed the TV with just mm to spare plus upgraded the system to 1080p high definition. The TV & Bluray player can browse the web.

A wonderful Sonos system and network storage lets the family enjoy their favourite music almost anywhere in the house.

A happy family.

Den with Plasma TV and Surround System

A home theatre Den with Plasma TV & surround system

We supplied, installed & calibrated the system, even including a turntable for those favourite vinyls.

It looks & sounds sensational!

A high definition 1080p projector & full surround system

A high definition 1080p projector & full surround system

We supplied & installed the system with a motorised screen & aligned the projector carefully.

Watching Bluray movies is a real  home cinema experience on a screen over 3m wide at home!

This system looks & sounds amazing (turn the lights down please!)

An LCD TV integrated with Sonos & ceiling speakers

A neat LCD TV installation with integrated music via Sonos

We supplied & installed a multi-zone Sonos system with discrete in-ceiling speakers integrating music though many rooms in the home.

The central storage system holds the owner's music library & it's coupled with online sources such as streaming radio & 'MOG'.

Makes for great for entertaining!

A surround system with multi-room audio via Sonos

A home with multiple systems for a family

We supplied & installed two surround sound systems plus a guest room system with wall mounted TVs.

We put in a central storage system to store DVDs safe from young kids.

A Sonos system plays music in dining, bedrooms & family rooms as well as pool-side.

That's how to relax!

A TV with surround system via a sound bar & rear ceiling speakers

A system for the lounge

We supplied & installed the TV & a surround sound system with a neat sound bar & rear ceiling speakers.

Another Sonos system provides 'easy to drive music' in the lounge & family rooms and for the outdoor entertaining area too.

Movies are crisp & clear on this!

TV with amplifer & speakers

Another home with systems in multiple rooms

We installed TVs with Foxtel, amplifiers & neat bookshelf speakers.

A central music library & music players fill the house with music.

Plus it's setup to work with universal remote controls!

Another happy owner.

A slim wall mounted TV with concealed equipment

A slim TV in a home with multi-room sound systems

We installed this slim TV on the wall & tucked Foxtel & a player out of sight in the cabinetry.

A SONOS music system with central library & streaming sources plays their favourite tracks.

Elegant looking technology that's easy to use!

A wall mounted TV with high end audio equipment

An elegant wall mounted TV with high end audio gear

We wall mounted this slim TV, ran the cables in the wall cavity & sorted out the interconnections.

A high end DAC converts digital signals to audio for the valve amplifier.

Superb sound quality & crisp pictures!

A wall mounted TV for family entertainment

A nice big TV with surround sound for family movie fun

We installed this TV on the wall, sorted out connections, repositioned the speakers & calibrated the system.

The family loved the result.

Excellent sound & pictures for the whole family to enjoy!

A neat surround system

A Smart internet connected TV with surround sound

We installed this system after the owners moved, added new speakers + optimised it all.

Great to watch a movie or catch up via ABC iView.

Looks nice & neat in the room!

Media Connected TVs

Nicely connected to your media!

This TV connects to a shared media library & plays awesome surround.

Browse Youtube, watch Foxtel and show off your photos.

Other rooms have systems with XBox, PS3s & surround all connected to the web.

Fits the newly renovated home beautifully.

Theatre at your place

Theatre at your place on the big screen!

A top quality projector & huge screen bring the movies alive.

3D combined with big surround sound is heaps of fun.

Kick back & get into the action flicks!